Wednesday, 4 June 2014

We are part of AporTICs!

Thank you very much to the AporTICs project members for crossposting our tutorials, aimed at CLIL Primary students and teachers.

We are humbly honoured!


Monday, 28 April 2014

Article: Challenging future e-Teachers to blog e-Projects 7th Virtual Round Table Web Conference

We had the chance to present our e-project in the web conference 25-27 April 2014 Language Learning Technologies. In particular, our presentation was on Sunday 27th. At the beginning of the conference, the coordinator Angelika was checking that the audio was working properly for every co-presenter. Apart from that, in the previous day, the co-presenters took part in a sound proof to ensure that their sound devices were fully functionating.
At first, Angelika presented our teacher, Mª Jesus, who later on introduced a few students of the Master’s Course called Bilingual Education in Primary School and English Language Immersion. On the top we could see the videos of the presenters who were explaining their e-Projects and under them, there was a Power Point presentation related to the subject The use of ICT and Digital Resources in Primary Bilingual Education, which has lasted three months and during this period of time we have acquired useful digital competences that enable us to apply many resources on the Internet that we hadn’t known yet.

All of us explored and designed different resources to develop our e-Projects such as: trailers, mind maps to organize our aims, webmixes, podcasts, logos and so on. 
Jorge presented our e-Project: Art and Music in Jars. We all were very pleased to spread our e-Project to the world because we spent a lot of time in this project and it was a challenge for us to achieve our goals. Being honest, we are not experts in technologies and when we started we found different troubles hard to solve. However, with the help of Mª Jesús we could manage them. 

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Monday, 14 April 2014


PowToon - Brings Awesomeness to your presentations Art and Music

Pencil Madness and Musicshake tutorials!

Here you have two tutorials that will help you learning how to use Pencil Madness and Musicshake!

Pencil Madness


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Google Drive tutorial and activities

Hi guys!

We have created a tutorial about how to make presentations using Google Drive and two activities about musical instruments.

We hope you enjoy them!

Making presentations in Google Drive Activities about musical instruments