Monday, 17 March 2014

Art and music in jars: the new concept

Art and Music in jars

Hello everybody! We are Patricia, Alberto, Eva, Andrea and Jorge. We have decided to link our projects "Toolkits in jars" and "Make your heart beat", because we think that the combination of them can be very productive due to the fact that we can share art and music by making tutorials (which is the main goal of the Toolkits in Jars Project). Our project is called "Art and Music in jars".

The main goal of our Project is to approach learners to Culture and Art through making different tutorials, our Project will be focus on music and different artistic expressions.  We have chosen this project because we think that by using Music and Art we can express our feelings, emotions and ideas.
 That is why we want to teach our students the different ways of learning and understanding the music and the art depending on the country you belong to or your culture and traditions.

 In order to reach that, we will deal with different art and music expressions around the world. In order to show the different resources we are going to provide and how our project is progressing, we have created the following blog.

We hope you like this new e-Project that we are carrying out now :)

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